Bad Guessers, Good Predictors Of Human Behavior, Mediums And Psychics: How To Tell The Difference

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If you, at some point in your life, want to visit a psychic for advice, you have to be really careful about who you seek advice from. There are some who try to pass themselves off as psychics, but really they are just bad guessers or good predictors of human behavior. Then you have mediums and true psychics, but mediums speak with the dead and often only see the past in its connection to the dead, while psychics see the future. Here is how to tell all of these psychics and "psychics" (the fakes) apart.

The Bad Guessers

This group of would-be "psychics" try to guess things about you to prove their ability. The more information you let slip or ply them with, the easier it is for them to guess things about you and "predict" what you will do or what will happen to you. They may be very new to the whole psychic advisor business, but with more practice they may become the next type of faux psychic, the "good predictor of human behavior."

The Good Predictors of Human Behavior

This group of false psychics are actually pretty good at what they do because they are keen to notice details about their customers, even details that might escape the average viewer. Examples of things these people notice are the perfume someone wears versus another scent of perfume mixed with the wearer's, which could be an indication that a customer was recently skin-to-skin close with another person. If the customer is seeking love advice, this detail becomes useful in predicting the customer's future actions, thereby accurately predicting what will happen in his or her lovelife. While they do not really have the gift of second sight, they may still make accurate predictions based on what they know about patterns of human behavior and what they notice about you.


Mediums, true mediums anyway, have a connection to the dead. They can see and/or talk to dead people. They frequently cannot predict the future of the living, unless the actions of the living are tied to the deaths of the deceased. If you want to ask a deceased relative for advice, you may try a medium, but most real mediums will tell you that the dead are not really interested in the complicated affairs of the living anymore and you may not get the kind of advice or support you were hoping to get from your dead relative.

Psychics (the Real Ones)

Real psychics can predict things based on the impressions or visions they receive from the spirit world or another dimension. Sometimes they will have angel or spirit guides who are named and/or described by the psychic. Their power cannot be switched on and off, nor can it be focused on just one person, although it can be focused on objects when those objects are touched. You can consult with a real psychic, but there is no guarantee that he or she will get an other-worldly vision or message for you the first time you meet. It may take some time or repeat visits before the psychic picks up on a message that is meant for you.

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17 February 2016

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