Why Used Books Can Make Perfect Gifts

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Are you currently searching for the perfect gift for a birthday or other event? Have you tried almost every store in your area, only to come up empty-handed? Gift shopping isn't easy, especially when you're trying to find something that is both unique and shows that you put both thought and effort into the gift buying process. If you're wanting a special gift, without actually spending months searching, here are some reasons why you should consider visiting a used bookstore:

Something for every budget: If you can afford it, first edition books that have been autographed by the author can make great gifts. But if your budget isn't that high, there should be something for every price range. Depending on the used bookstore that you visit, you may be able to find tomes that are in good condition but are nearly free because of how relatively common they are. As rarity and popularity increases, so will the prices. No matter how much money you have to spend on a gift, you're almost guaranteed to find something at a used bookstore.

Something for every taste: Is the recipient a fan of cooking? Religion? Politics? Perhaps they are enthusiastic about some combination of hobbies and interests that makes them otherwise difficult to shop for. Whatever their tastes, a used bookstore ought to have something appropriate. If the gift recipient is both religious and a fan of cooking, you might choose a cookbook from the region and time period in question. For example, someone who reads the Bible a lot may appreciate a book about food in Biblical times. You may even want to flip through the book and choose a good-looking recipe to make and bring along to the party.

Extremely personal: These days, many of the books found in a used bookstore can be found online in electronic format. You might even be considering purchasing a few of these to give to the recipient. Unfortunately, electronic books can't really match ordinary paper books in personalization and character. With an ordinary book, it's apparent that you spent time and effort looking for the gift, even if it took you little actual time. You can also inscribe a thoughtful message on the inside cover, telling them exactly why you chose that specific book for them. You can do a similar thing with electronic books, by sending an email along with the gift, but the message can be easily lost at a later date and may seem rather impersonal right now. Visit a website such as pioneerbook.com for more information. 


17 May 2016

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