Fun Ways To Jazz Up A Children's Sunday School Lesson


Kids often love Sunday school, but if classes become too boring, they can lose their enthusiasm. Nevertheless, there are multiple things that a Sunday school teacher can do to help jazz up a kids Sunday school class. Here are a few of them:

Play a movie.

Kids love video entertainment. In fact, most parents have to limit their children's time in front of a television. The affinity of the kids in your Sunday school class for television can work in your favor. 

After teaching a bible truth, use a kid-friendly video or movie to reinforce the lesson. When kids are able to see the stories of the bible, they have an easier time grasping concepts. Still, not every movie has to be an actual bible story. Instead, it can be a wholesome illustration of a biblical principle.

To make the movie even more fun. Pass out popcorn and have an informal discussion about the movie once it is over.

Perform skits.

The more a child's senses and movements can become involved in a lesson, the more the biblical teaching is apt to stick in the child's mind. One fun way to incorporate more participation from your students during a bible lesson is to allow them to act out the story. 

Having the kids dress in period costumes made of inexpensive materials, such as old sheets, can help them understand the attire of biblical times. It's also entertaining for most kids to play some form of dress-up.

When the child pretends to be a biblical character, he or she gets a chance to imagine what the character felt and saw. It gives the youngster additional insight into the biblical lesson and helps make it unforgettable.

Use fun snacks.

Fun snacks can also be used to reinforce a lesson. For instance, as a child learns about the difficult issues that Joseph survived in the bible, you could have the children make homemade lemonade. The snack would display the ability to make lemonade out lemons, teaching the kids to make the best of unsavory situations. Additionally, you could have the kids make homemade whipped cream without the use of a blender to reinforce Sunday school lessons about tenacity and diligence. 

Since the kids would be able to participate in preparing the snacks, they could enjoy the hands-on play during the activity without feeling the constraints of just sitting still and listening.

To learn more fun ways to spice up your Sunday school lessons, have group brainstorming sessions with your youth ministry leaders or contact a church like New Gethsemane Baptist Church


5 July 2016

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